Long-Live/Release toggles

We differentiate two types of feature toggles (Boolean).

  • Release toggles (short-lived)

  • Long-lived

The short-lived ones are those features that help the developer deploy feature code that is still in progress on to production in the form of latent code. The short term is quite ambiguous, but the frequency of delivering something into production shouldn't be more than 30 days, thus, we are going to say that these features are stale features.

Long-term features can be due to many causes, one of the best known is the so-called kill-switches. They are used for those features that you want to stop due to technical issues and not because the feature itself does not work. An example could be the autocomplete of a search engine, for whatever reason, the autocomplete service is generating a lot of load on the servers, and you decide to stop it temporarily while you investigate.

Due to this small definition, we will show an alert with those release toggles (short-live) that have not been modified in any environment for more than 30 days.

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