Environment Settings

Environments in Koople are the representation of your deploy environments in real life. All the release toggles and remote configs exist in all the environments with independent values for each environment.

All projects are created with the production environment by default. You can change the name (Production) and the colour (red) set by default in the Settings section. The key is filled automatically with the name and must be unique. You can modify the key on creation never after it.

The colour helps you to identify in an easy way in which environment are you working on. Let's see how to create a new environment. Surely you've noticed the breadcrumb on the top bar if you click on the environment name you'll see a menu like the below image.

Clicking on Create Environment, you access to the create menu. Let's create a development environment.

If you click in the Create button, you'll be redirected to the Release Toggle button on the new environment. Take a look at the breadcrumb.

You can change between environments from the breadcrumb environment menu.

The colour line below the breadcrumb helps you to identify quicky in which environment are you doing changes. Create all the environment that you need to recreate your deployment environments.

Use the Manage Environments option on the breadcrumb environment menu to order your environments. You can drag and drop for set the correct order.

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