Getting Started

Welcome to Koople! Koople is the easiest, fastest and most confident way to release your projects.

Koople gives you different tools to manage your releases, change your settings dynamically, define your target audience to test your new features and get your latest related events.

You only need a few minutes to get started with Koople.

Configure your first feature flag on Koople:

  1. Create your Koople account. Try it for free!

  2. Check your email for the validation email.

  3. Create your first organization.

  4. Create your first project.

  5. Create your first feature flag.

  6. Enable the feature for all users.

Choose and install your SDK client:

Connect your app

import {PFClient} from "@pataflags/sdk-js";

const pfclient = PFClient.initialize('YOUR_API_KEY', {});

pfclient.onReady(() => {
    const isEnabled = pfclient.isEnabled('myAwesomeFeature');
    if (isEnabled) {
        // Do something when the feature is enabled.
    } else {
        // Do something when the feature is not enabled.

Congratulations! You have completed your first feature flag successfully.

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