First steps

Let's describe the firsts steps to start managing Koople. After the first sign in, the platform requires to create an organization. You will manage all projects inside your organization. It is possible to create multiple organizations. Learn more about the different plans.

After clicking on the "Create organization" button, you will be required to create your first project.

Once created the project, it will be displayed the organization dashboard that looks like the following image.

As you've noticed, there are two clear separate areas in the dashboard.

In the upper half the list of projects represented by cards. You can edit the name and the description on of the existing project clicking on the card right corner edit icon. All projects are created with the production environment created by default and it's possible to create multiple environments for each project. Learn more about managing environments.

In the bottom half the list of organization members. In newly created projects, the account owner (you) appears as the only member. Do not worry! You can invite other users to join your project. Learn more about managing members.

Let's visit our production environment clicking on it.

The project environment is the page where you are going to manage all the Koople main options. The screen is divided into three main areas.

  1. The top bar, with the user menu and the breadcrumb that tells us in which organization, project, environment and section we are.

  2. The sidebar with the different environment tools.

  3. The central section where the selected section from the sidebar is displayed. The default tool when entering is the Release Toggles. We will learn about this section in the next section.

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